i just started something. something that need a little research. in the process of researching, i found the fact that uee was once married to a man named park jaejeong. i didn’t know who he is so i searched on the internet about him. turned out that i know the man and i quite like him as an actor. i thought, “it would be good. i like uee and i like park jaejeong. i’d like to see how their marriage look like.”

so there i went. youtube, looking for their marriage.

which was, in the end, hit me with big disappointment.

i like uee because she actually has something in her that makes her spark. i wont say she’s the most pretty girl, but she certainly has brain and guts to keep going and shine. but once the interaction between her and park jaejeong started, quite the opposite of other people said in the comment box, i felt so sorry for park jaejeong to marry uee.

uee, at that time (22 yo), was a very demanding girl, so blatant and so lack of consideration to others. people who watch the show kept commenting on how jaejeong could be very innocent and unobservant and that made him as the guilty party in the relationship.

frankly speaking, their relationship in the first episode isn’t very convincing. of course the guy had his share of making the situation awkward, but uee herself was not helping either. what with all her pushing attitude about ‘romantic’? it was even displayed in the flying text that in uee’s world: romantic=working uncle. how could she be so full of herself she didn’t even ask once what the ‘uncle’ want?

it disturb me how she kept calling him ‘ahjussi’ while he had asked not to call him as such. she acted like it was not a big deal of calling someone ahjussi. that was annoying because the ‘ahjussi’ had clearly tried to pleasure her by doing everything she asked. it supposed to be just a simple thing to do: not calling him ahjussi. she failed oh so hugely in that matter.

she said that the ahjussi was not a positive person when it came to shopping. what exactly her definition of ‘positive’? buying everything she wanted? what?! did she even considered that the ahjussi was actually also a human being with some taste? it didn’t have to be a good taste but the point was she kept trying to make him accept what she wanted, not what they both can compromise to feel want about.

once she became unsatisfied with the ahjussi, she talked about it so blatantly. ‘frankly speaking’ is not particularly a bad manner, but in this case, i think she had been reacting so unfair and unconsiderable herself and so selfish by showing that it hurts to be called as ‘someone who didn’t do a good job’. how could she do that when she had actually pointed out that the ahjussi had been acting ‘bad’ (based on her standard).

this is the first episode of wgm i saw that didn’t end up well. it really didn’t. it was so clear to me that uee was so full of herself she couldn’t even consider to ask other person what they want, what they like, what they need. she kept telling and blurting out about what she want, not even considering what she need, what they both need.

and i was going even more down when i heard and read the comments. they blamed it all to the ahjussi. how could people so blind when the matter was about an ‘idol’ or ‘beautiful creature’?

the show might be just a show to gain ratings, but somehow this particular episode had taught people about the wrong idea of what is ‘okay’ in a marriage. to be married is to be together with your partner, not to pushing one-sided-want to a relationship contains of two human beings.

i hope the ‘now’ uee had grown up. hope she had learned that being pretty enough to be an idol didn’t always equal to being a good person. i will be very disappointed if i found out that she is now is just the older version of the same old her.


deep frown


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