where have you been?

on another day like today, i can’t simply put the feeling, but i just hope it’d be different. i’ll be waking up to a dark morning sky, rubbing my eyes before going to the bathroom. taking a bath hating the must of going under the shower while it’s still so dark out there but getting up nevertheless. i’ll be going to work and take an early nap before work hour started. time tickling and before i realize it’ll be lunch time already. hanging around with my colleague, sharing gossips that spread around my work place, i thought i’m having a pretty good time. then work start again and i have to deal with people, both having good or bad or good-and-bad-at-the-same-time attitude; i thought my job is shit. going home to another version of dark sky, i’ll get worn out and can only close my eyes when my head touch my pillow. my last thought will be how my life could be so pathetically boring, day by day.

on yet another day like today, the feeling comes again. it’s like the false hope i’ve always had everyday except it’s not really is. i still bathing in the dark, rushing in the morning, working like slave, having chitty-chatty lunch and spend the rest of the day worn out. the only different is i bump into you in this particular road i don’t really pay attention at. and somehow i see your eyes, scanning on… me. and how am i supposed to understand if all i can feel just that i want to smile while i’m originally not a smiley person.

i smile. at you. just because i want to. just because it’s the most easy thing to do. and because i am told to by my┬ásilly instinct. then i got your smile in return. well, boy, you… just have bumped into me heart.

i feel like crying because… hell my shitty life, hell all these day i spent, waiting to just… find you. where have you been? what took you so long? i’ve been here all along, so… where the fuck have you been?

on the day like today, it’s the day i want to meet you. with all the sudden feeling it might rush without warning.




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