meeting friends

last night i’m meeting a good friend. this good friend of mine brought along another–sort of–nice friends and i have to admit, it was nice to meet new people. as a bonus, there was someone with opposite sex join us, so it was kinda lighting up my spirit. not that this particular new person was super gorgeous or anything, but it was just rrreallyyy nice to have new-opposite-sex friend. haha. hope that didn’t make me the pervert.

and so we had a good shopping trip at a pretty good big mall in western jakarta. my friends–old and new ones, both–got a good catch of shoes and i got a good rec where to buy my shoes next time. then we had dinner which was… ammmaaazziiing.

it was a very good food for me. i didn’t get any lunch before so i was starving. but the vegie-roasted spaghetti and potato burrito made it up to me. they were so good i want to keep eating it if not for the limit of time (and money, but i’m not gonna admit it here). it tasted so much better then such food anywhere else i’ve tried. was it because i was starving or simply because it was genuinely a good food i’ll never find out. the point is, i really enjoy my dinner at dante coffee. i was also happy because the food was kinda cheap so i could afford ordering two different kind of dish in one go (talking about the broke season after lebaran, blah..).

dante spa   dante menu

i’m looking forward to eat there again. more, i plan to taste the latte and waffle-ice-cream that both my old and new friends said was good and tempting, respectively.




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