the maze runner

so yeah, i’ve finally watched this movie, the maze runner. i was so intrigued by the trailer i’ve decided i have to watched the movie. watching it (the trailer) i was thinking this is another sequel of the hunger games which was–of course–not at all. they both kind of similar but each took place in different universe.

ok, i admit, i just didn’t watch the hunger games. not interested to begin with. idek why.

while i was in the midst of longing for the maze runner to be played in the cinema, my friend got the chance to see it first. i felt a bit of broken heart and a bit annoyed because she said the movie wasn’t too interesting. i just couldn’t believe it. i won’t believe any testimony before i watch it myself.

tonight, my chance had come. and i was far from disappointed. even though i enjoyed it all by myself.

here’s my problem. when i watched a movie with anyone, 99% of the movies had left me less satisfied. on the other side, the chance of me getting satisfied with the movie was on high level when i watched them alone. maybe i’m just a pathetic anti-social kind of human being.

anyway, the maze runner, i was soooo excited watching it. it was like i was watching: the boys kingdom!!!! yea yea yea!!! call me pervert whatever but i can’t help grinning when i saw boys everywhere. i think thomas was hot and alby was so cool and newt was–darn you thomas brodie-sangster–a piece of a cutie i want to pamper him everynight.

that’s it. i just want to said all those things. no review because instead, i want to start writing fanfictions about the.




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