so i was in a room with a bunch of people. we were doing activities which was not including orgy kind of activities, it was more of games. we were doing lots of games. we played guessing game. we supposed to guess the people in mind.

so it was my time to guess so i asked: “was she white?”

you see, when i said it in english, it was sound like i pointed at one particular race, but in indonesia, we’re often–no, we’re always–refer ‘white’ as ‘lighter shade of skin”. it didn’t necessarily talk about white people as in ‘caucasian’ version of white.

more importantly, for the purpose of the game, we saw people equally so it was relevant to ask whether someone is lighter (whiter) or not compare to others. however it’s about a competition.

so i was very shocked when in the middle of voices i heard someone said “it was racist!”

what the fuck, man. which part of getting to know your mystery guest as a racist gesture? it was a bunch of people, so many person to choose. i was just asking for a fact. it was not an insult as it was merely a question. part of the investigation.

andbutso, if only you were living in reality and not in a screwed version of world developing wealthy-ly in the internet, you’d find that asking if someone is white-as-in-have-a-lighter-shade-of-skin-version-of-white is not about asking your race to gain some information to insult you.

what is it with world? i said japanesse to point out a fact and i was racist? i mentioned black to describe someone and i insult africans? i said south-east asian and people would assumed i used children as my employee?

fuck off. you’ve proven you’re the one sick in mind.




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